Issue 10 (Digital)

Dreamer 2 Creator Business Magazine

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Did you know that ALL business ventures start with design? ⠀
An idea is just that, an idea. The design takes the idea and makes it into the type of visual reality that attracts customers.
This issue discusses designing your brand, products and services, marketing tools and roadmap. Every article will help you on your journey to succeeding, whether you consider yourself a micro-business, a small business, a solopreneur, or an entrepreneur. ⠀
Entrepreneurs who look and think like you, who know your business pains, have written on how to succeed at design. Whether or not you consider yourself creative, there are learning points for all.

In this Issue:

An Unconventional Path To Entrepreneurship by Noel Cunningham

How To Create A Timeless Visual Brand For Your Business by Svetlana Tryaskina

Finding Your ‘Ah-Ha’ Design Moment by Luma Qusus Awad

Photography & Brand You by Michelle Elliot

5 Tips For Writing Engaging Blog Content by Michelle Joseph

Podcasting: A Powerful Business Tool by Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Putting Purpose In Swatches & Strokes Psychology Of Design by Abigail Regucera & Candice Rozario

Puzzle Pieces Of A Website by Rachel Panasiuk

7 Tips To Design Your Website For Conversion Vs. Traffic by Carli Parkinson

Understanding Website Traffic & Making The Most Of It by Karen M. Lowe

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