Issue 8 (Digital)

Dreamer 2 Creator Business Magazine

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It has been an interesting year for everyone.  So we thought it would be a great time to celebrate those who make the world turn! 

Your photo may not be here, but we salute all micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners). More than 95% of Canadian businesses are micro-entrepreneurs. So here is a toast to you and all you have achieved and will achieve.
The government will need you to succeed for the economy to become and stay successful.  Continue to stick out the tough times!

In this Issue:


Transitioning To A Virtual Business by Susan Ruhe

Dos And Don’ts When Starting Peer-To-Peer Marketplace by Samantha Vlasceanu

Entrepreneur Step 1: Starting Out by Michelle Joseph

Growing A Sustainable Business by Heather Klassen

Celebrate The Milestones by Victor Kabuga

Building Your Subscriber List by Nancy Peterkin

Narrow It Down by Michelle Sundborg

Three Success Myths by Leah Yard

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